automatic baking machine



HM-34TH2FPmodelis a consistent system, that we are proud of docked by the wrapping machine.
The item baked by about 160 degrees is sent directly into the packaging machine by a newly developed robot and then wrapped quickly by corner boxing or three-way packaging while it is still hot. This process extend the best-before date further.
The baking die and baking process adopt the most reasonable none-can structure for the dough to be able to bake the best sponge pancake with light and melting texture.
Moreover, the one-touch detaching specification, which means just putting the baking die on the line and letting go can shorten the most annoying process of die exchanging and die washing.
The depositor can also do the replacements of bean paste and cream, etc. by the one-touch detaching system in a few minutes.
The electric branding iron can be installed as an option.

Main production items
item with beam paste , bean grains , custard cream
Production capacity
600~1,200 items per hour
Baking speed
3~6 minutes Changing the speed continuously by the inverter
Heat source
Propane gas or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
Three aspects 200V 1.4KW (Main body  0.5Kw  packaging machine  0.9Kw)
Outlet  4P 20A 200V(straight)
Installed area
3,310㎜ in width×3,100㎜ in depth× 1,670㎜ in height
Size of baking die
Material of baking die

Oil wiping
Dough feeding
bean paste filling
Baking completion , taking out


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