automatic baking machine



It is a semi-automatic machine easy to operate and hardly breakdown.
The dough and bean paste are automatically fed but oil wiping and product taking out are done manually.
Moreover, the baking die and the bean paste depositor are the one-touch detaching specifications so that thiscould produce varieties.

Main production items
item with beam paste , bean grains , custard cream
Production capacity
1,000 items per hour
Baking speed
3~6 minutes   continous speed change by the inverter
Heat source
propane gas , or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
Main body of machine  400W, outlets  4P 20A 200V
Installed area
2,745㎜ in width×1,130㎜ in depth× 1,660㎜ in height
Size of baking die
Material of baking die

Oil wiping
Dough feeding
bean paste filling
Baking completion


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