Fully automatic Cookie cracker baking machine


This is suitable for mass production of baking cookie rice cracker.
By adjusting the baking speed and power, the baking degree and color can be controlled according to the request.
Original cookie rice crackers can be baked by mixing the dough.

Main production items
Cookie cracker
Production capacity
2,100~4,100 pieces per hour (1 baking die operation could produce 4 pieces)
Baking speed
3.5~7 seconds continous speed change /1 baking die
Heat source
propane gas 9.0Kg/h  or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
Three aspects  200V Main body :750W
dough feeder :200W, conveyer :100W
Installed area
Main body:3,600㎜ in width×2,000㎜ in depth× 1,800㎜ in height
Total space : 5,500㎜ in width×2,000㎜ in depth× 1,800㎜ in height
Size of baking die
100×340㎜ 60 sets
Material of baking die
iron , aluminum , Brass etc,.



Cutting the dough
to the baking die
Taking out

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