Fully automatic rice cracker baking machine


From the feeding of dough (liquid type) and feeling to the branding ironing, this is a n fully automatic machine which does no damage to the production items and taking out with nothing remained by the rolling brush.
The operation is simple and the product item are the same.

Main production items
rice cracker
Production capacity
Baking speed
Heat source
Propane gas or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
Main body: 2600W, ( branding iron :960W)
Outlet :4P 20A 200V ( branding iron 时30A)
Compressor:750W, outlets :4P 20A 200V


Installed area
7,700㎜ in width×1,647㎜ in depth× 1,850㎜ in height
Size of baking die
Material of baking die
iron , aluminum , Brass etc,.



Dough feeding
branding iron (Optional )
Taking out

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