Fully automatic ring cakes baking machine


This machine uses gas and is suitable for shop demonstration of baking small pancake called Ringyaki with the production capability of 720 pieces per hour.
Original Ringyaki can be made with an original brand because it is equipped with the standard branding iron.
Moreover, because the order for the branding iron only is acceptable, various items could be made with the change of branding irons.

Main production items
ring cakes
Production capacity
500~720 items per hour
Baking speed
Changing the speed continuously by the inverter
Heat source
Propane gas or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
3P 700W(Main body  460W   branding iron  240W)
Installed area
1,880㎜ in width×1,270㎜ in depth× 1,890㎜ in height
Size of baking die
50mm in diameter× 18㎜ in height
Material of baking die


Dough feeding
bean paste filling
Turning over
branding iron
Taking out
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