Waffle baking machine


The baking dies of Dorayaki and waffle can be changed with one-touch.
It could be done by change the head nozzles in the of the depositor.
With simple structure and operation, the maintenance and the check could be done easily.

Main production items
Production capacity
waffle ( only the skin ):1 item of 1 die:400~500 pieces per hour
waffle (皮のみ):2 items of 1die :800~1,000 pieces per hour
Baking speed
3~6 minutes   continous speed change
Heat source
Propane gas or city gas
Amount of gas use
Amount of electric use
200W  single phase :100V or 200V, Three aspects :200V
Installed area
1,000㎜ in table's diameter× 1,500㎜ in height
Size of baking die
width of waffle: under 110㎜
diameter of Dorayaki:under 90㎜
Material of baking die
Dorayaki : brass sheet
waffle : polished Brass sheet


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